Saturday, March 10, 2012

iPad app: Vismory (Visual Memory)

Vismory iPad app
Vismory - Visual Memory available in iTunes

What it is: Works on iPad, iphone or ipod touch. It is a memory game where you memorize a sequence of objects. It starts slow and while a quicker response will score more points, it gives the option to take your time. There are many versions of memory games for tablets and smartphones, but this one has a couple of advantages: First, in terms of number of objects to remember and time allowed to respond, quite a few of its levels can be used for players with more severe deficits (unlike many games that after a couple of easy levels amp up the difficulty or put you on a short timer, making the activities inappropriate for most patients with memory goals, going from fun to frustrating in mere seconds). In this game there are more challenging levels, but plenty of useful simple ones as well. Second, there is some mental manipulation required because it is the sequence of objects that must be recalled, not just the objects themselves. It is currently $1.99 (and worth it, I think) but every so often the price drops to free to bring in users and gather up ratings... that's when I managed to grab it, so keep a watch for if you don't want to spend any money.

How we can use it in Tx: This one's easy, just let your patient play this game, preferably on an iPad (not iPhone or iPod-touch as a larger screen will make all the difference). Practice different strategies to remember the sequence of objects in the game (you start with a very small number of objects; at first all of them are different colors so maybe repeat the colors in order... then there will be two objects that are different shapes but the same colors, so maybe repeat the object labels, and such).

Goals we can target in Tx with this app: short-term memory, working memory, sequencing.

Specific examples: Usually I end with specific examples for usage, but this app only has one function: playing the memory game, so there's not much variation in how it can be used. It's a memory and sequencing game. However, if you're targeting specific memory strategies (like repeating or visualizing) you can write goals for implementing those strategies while playing this game.

Brain training: This is also a great app in general for memory workout.

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