Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Android app: JABtalk (AAC, free)

JABtalk for Android devices
This program is currently free from JABstone, and is available from Android Market, Amazon App Store, & the Nook Store

What it is:  Originally developed as an AAC device for kids. It is fully customizable, and you can create categories and words with images and sounds for each. If your device supports a microphone you can record the words and categories right on it (Amazon's Kindle doesn't, but BN's nook tablet does and the more expensive Android tablets do as well). If you're using a device without microphone you can import sound files into your library and use them within this program (it'll take longer to prep a communication board that way, but it's doable). When it comes to images, you can take a photo if your device has a camera (Kindle and Nook do not), you can import images on any of the devices, and you can do an image internet search directly from within this program on any of the devices. There's talk of adding sentence building to following releases too.

How we can use it in Tx: I had fun building a default communication board with basic needs for my target population (call button, wheelchair, glasses, dentures, pain scale, yes/no, etc.). I carry this in my Nook as part of my default materials to always have with me. You can also make a language/word-building/problem solving task out of creating a new board with a patient that does not need an AAC device, but can use the practice thinking of common and safety-related objects.

Goals we can target in Tx with this app: Word finding, problem solving, AAC

Some specific examples:

1. Put together a menu for the three daily meals and write a goal for pt to use the device to order their meals (an AAC goal)

2. Have pt locate words within nested categories (e.g., apple would be inside foods & drinks/snacks/fruit) with certain % accuracy (a problem-solving goal)

3. Have a pt (who may not need AAC device) come up with as many suggestions for what to put in a given category (e.g., clothes or snacks) as they can (a word-naming goal)

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