Saturday, March 3, 2012

iPad app: My Story (free for a limited time)

My Story iPad app
My Story - Book Maker for Kids for iPad on the iTunes App Store

What it is: My Story is marketed for kids to make their own story books using photos, drawings, coloring, text, even recorded voice, and these story books can be saved and exported to iBooks, and then viewed/read like any digital book on your device.

How we can use it in Tx: The most obvious use is to create family albums and daily logs with pts that need external memory devices. While on the device it is not a resource that can be left with the pt to use on their own, it can be a productive memory aide used with the ST during sessions. Screenshots of the log can also be printed (take a screenshot by clicking the home and power buttons at the same time, and it'll save as a PNG file in your albums; then you can email it to yourself and print it on any printer) and those can be made into materials that ARE left with the pt to use independently.

Goals we can target in Tx with this app: Memory and orientation goals are the most obvious. Stories can also be created to target language, word-finding, problem solving and sequencing.

Some specific examples (not an exhaustive list):

1) Create a family album using photos of the pt's family if available (take picture of photos in pt's room, or draw stick figures for family members not yet available in photos) and name them all, listing relationship; have pt add a voice note to each member saying something unique about them (besides their name and relationship). Write a goal for pt to remember every family member's name, relationship, and some % of what s/he said about them in the voice note.

2) Create a book of a new exercise or routine learned in OT or PT sessions, with a page for each step. Move the pages around randomly and write a goal for the pt to sequence the steps correctly.

3) Create a continuous story and add a page each session; write a goal for the pt to recall 1-3 events from the current (or previous) day to add to the page.

What could you do with this app?


  1. I use this with my younger students and its a great motivator for working on articulation and intelligibility for high frequency carrier phrases. The students create their own repeating line book (a version of 'I went walking, what did I see') by walking around the school and taking pictures of things they see. Then they record their own story "I see a ...". They love it!