Tuesday, November 27, 2012

iPad/iPhone App: Micromedex Drug Information (Free)

Micromedex Drug Info App
Micromedex Drug Information on iTunes (free)

A database of medications (generic and trade names) that includes information on 4500+ search terms. Once downloaded to your device, you can access the information offline (don't need an internet connection/wifi).

This is a great resource for information we could use, such as precautions, contraindications, common and serious adverse effects, drug interactions and loads more. It's hard to believe this app is free!

I've been using this app as a basic quick check of medications' effect on swallowing function. For example, a dysphagia pt of mine was recently put on an antidepressant that has xerostomia listed as one of its side-effects. I had noticed a slight increase in stasis, and now I have at least one explanation for why, along with a good idea of how to treat it. It's not making me an expert on medications by any means, but this information came in useful for my clinical decision making. Over time, I'm sure I'll just have a basic idea of which class of meds is relevant to my scope of practice... but for now, I can look stuff up quickly and easily on my iPhone.