Saturday, August 4, 2012

Free Utility Apps: ICD-9 Codes (several apps)

Some free ones from iTunes: ICD-9 LITE, ICD9 Search, ICD9 + HCPCS, and ICD9 Consult 2012. There's a free Android one also: ICD9.

Look up ICD-9 Codes quickly. Look up by categories, search by diagnoses or by codes, etc. If you don't know what ICD-9 codes are for, then you probably don't need these apps. If you do and you use them regularly, you will surely benefit from having them at your fingertips.

There are additional apps like these, and paid versions as well. I've been using the free ICD-9 LITE and ICD9 Consult 2012 for iOS and each has worked pretty well for me so far

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