Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Neuroplsticity and Brain Training

This is a short post, not about specific apps, but all of them in general. Sort of an added goal for this blog.

Sites such as Lumosity are becoming popular with the general population for training their brain and enhancing attention and memory performance, as well as focus, organization, problem-solving, learning new things, etc. These sites and apps are based on research into neuroplsticity, and boast success stories from customers about their improved cognitive skills since starting the "workouts". As such, I decided to go back and re-tag my older posts where I discuss apps that could be used for this kind of brain training (tagging them as "brain-training") and adding a note to the "examples" section at the bottom for each app that could be useful for the purpose of enhancing cognitive function in normal adults. Whatever "normal" means...

I also went back and tagged apps relevant to brain-training with this icon.

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