Monday, April 2, 2012

Android app: Word Match

Word Match
Word Match (Free) from Barnes & Noble

What it is: A word association game for the Nook, very similar to the Word to Word app (see blog entry from 3/30/12), but free from the Barnes & Noble store. This version of the word association game contains 3 categories: Art, Food n Beverage, and Health. Like with Word-to-word there are two columns of words that have to be matched into pairs with more advanced levels including more than one possible match for each word, but only one configuration that allows for all the words to be paired. There is a timer that keeps track of how long it took, but there is no time limit on how long one CAN take. Timers are the one thing that can make a good game useless as a Tx task, taking it from fun to frustrating very quickly.

How we can use it in Tx: Since this is the same basic activity as Word-to-Word, I won't bother repeating myself. How to use it in Tx, along with specific examples can be found in my Word-to-Word entry from 3/30/12.

Goals we can target in Tx with this app: Language goals, word-finding, problem solving goals, and STM

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